Custom Gantry Crane

As gantry crane manufacturers, we design types of gantry crane for your project needs, light duty and heavy loads require different class of gantry cranes. For standard gantry crane, you only need choose it from our standard gantry crane types; custom gantry crane designs and sales according to your specific operation condition and requires, and our custom gantry crane plans is more applicable and service you best.

Custom Gantry Crane Designs

Custom Gantry Crane with hook is composed of gantry, crane crab, trolley traveling mechanism, cab and electric control system. The gantry is

Custom Gantry Crane Specifications

1. Lifting capacity up to 900on 2. Span is 20m to 100m 3. Lifting height up to 100m 4. Working class: ISOA5-A7/FEM2M-4M 5. Custom Gantry Cran