Goliath Crane

Goliath crane definition

Goliath crane is large gantry crane, how big is the goliath crane? Its lifting capacity reach 1,000 tons, which can lift more than 500 cars, and with the largest span length of a football field, the current goliath crane maximum lifting height reach 400m.

Goliath crane manufacturers

As China's largest goliath crane manufacturers, we have more than 30 years’ experience in Goliath crane manufacturing.

Goliath crane design drawing

No matter how big of the goliath crane, goliath crane design drawing is essential, such as the exact weight display, electronic protection, PLC error correction, correction operation, etc., which realize real time monitoring gantry crane safe operation status, to achieve zero breakdowns.

Goliath Crane Manufacturers

Golaith crane mainly refers to large tonnage gantry crane, heavy duty gantry crane. As golaith crane manufacturers, we design golaith gantry