Casting Crane

Casting crane is mainly for steel mills use, also known as steel plant crane. According to the iron and steel production process, there has feeding crane, ladle crane for lifting steel ladle, allocation to tundish crane, and then cast molding by teeming crane. Molding steel temperature is high, so it will be lifted by process metallurgical crane. Slab crane lift slab tongs, clamp crane and C-hook crane transport coils. Profile sheet can be also lifted by magnetic crane.
As we all know, metallurgy is harsh environment with high temperature and high dust. Our casting cranes can be more secure and stable operation in metallurgy environment. In addition to the above types of cranes, as long as in the metallurgical process, the cranes are all called process cranes or foundry cranes.

Casting crane VS Foundry crane

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Casting Crane Manufacturers & Suppliers

Casting Crane include Single Girder Casting Crane, Double Girder Casting Crane, multi-girders Casting Crane, operation mainly divided by work