Double Girder Crane

Double girder crane price

Compared to single girder crane, double girder crane price not only determined by crane tonnage and span, but also by the uses, working level, operation mode, lifting height and other parameters of double girder cranes. You need to provide these parameters, so we can give you specific double girder crane design drawing and double girder overhead crane price.

Double girder crane manufacturers

As world largest double girder crane manufacturers in production, we have fully automated production equipment and huge origin of raw materials, so our double girder crane price is relatively lower. As crane manufacturers, our double girder overhead crane production capacity over a million units per year for 30 years continuously.

Double girder crane specifications

Double girder crane mainly consists of two main beams, two side beams, traveling trolley as lifting mechanism, and driver’s cabin, etc. Different with single girder overhead crane, double girder crane with greater lifting tonnage, more stable running, generally install driver’s cabin room to achieve safer operation.


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Double Girder Overhead Crane

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