Hoist Crane

Hoist and crane service group

We are electric hoist and overhead gantry crane combination production service group inc; such as electric hoist gantry crane, electric hoist double girder crane, etc., as experienced hoist crane manufacturers, choose us means you choose affordable crane price, mature crane technology and long service life crane, which is easy to install, maintenance and overhaul, flexible and convenient.

Hoist and crane difference

Hoist and crane are all means crane, while hoist and crane has much difference; hoist is generally light and small crane, such as electric hoist; hoist also as a verb means lift. While crane lift tonnage and structures are relatively larger than hoist, such as overhead gantry crane, mobile crane and so on.

Hoist and Crane Service Group

Crane Manufacturers WEIHUA started from the production of electric hoist, with 30 years manufacturing experinces, including Nucleon and Dafan