Overhead Shop Crane Plans

2016-08-16 17:01

overhead shop crane prices, overhead shop crane for sale & plansOverhead shop crane operation planning, first of all is to clear workshop dimension length/ width/ height, and the lifting goods roughly size and lifting height.
In the design of workshop bridge crane, the height of workshop is very important, it determines the overhead shop crane lifting height, workshop height should be 200mm at least greater or equal to crane highest point , reserved a safe disdance for the maintenance of shop overhead crane.
Workshop width determines the crane span, which is measured from the center line of the two main beam of the workshop. In general, workshop width minus 1.5m is the span of the shop bridge crane.
Workshop length is overhead crane running distance, when you need crane long traveling rail and power supply wire together with the crane, crane running distance should be provided.
Overhead shop crane used indoor, so the lifting capacity mainly are light and medium, generally 0.5 ton to - 75 ton, from the crane structure, include single beam bridge crane and double beam crane.
In the selection of single beam bridge crane and double beam crane, can be distinguished from crane lifting capacity tonnage and the use level (crane working hours per day).
0.5 ton -20 ton overhead shop crane, generally use single beam bridge crane, working level A3-A4;
5 ton -32 ton shop overhead crane, generally use electric hoist double girder crane, working level A4;
5 ton -75 ton workshop overhead crane, use open trolley double beam bridge crane, working level A3, A5-A6;
All the above applies to the standard shop overhead crane plan, if you have special needs, please contact our workshop overhead crane engineer, they will design overhead shop crane perfectly meet your workshop lifting demands.

About Overhead Shop Crane Plans

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