Electric chain hoists, renowned for their strength and adaptability, are essential tools in a myriad of industrial settings where the vertical lifting and transposition of substantial loads is commonplace. These devices harness the power of an electric motor, which propels a chain mechanism responsible for the hoisting of goods.

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As Chain Hoist Manufacturers specification design according to European FEM and DIN standard electric hoist, with modular, maintenance-free design, easy installation, flexible operation, compact structure and reliable performance. As Chain Hoist Manufacturers design and manufacture in strict accordance with FEM / DIN standard. With following features: high security, reliability and efficiency, with modular, humanization and maintenance-free design. About […]

As a high-quality manufacturer based in China, we produce these robust hoists to meet the rigorous demands of diverse, heavy-duty applications.

The main features of electric chain hoists

  • Efficiency: compared with manual lifting, it is significantly faster and more efficient. By this way, we can save our cost on time and money.
  • Safety: it can reduce the risk of injuries associated with manual lifting and handling of heavy loads.
  • Precision: electric chain hoists allow us to conduct precise control over the lifting and positioning of loads.
  • Versatility: it can suit various industrial applications. If we have an electric chain hoist, we can do better in many aspects.
  • Durability: in our company, we design electric chain hoists carefully to ensure it can work in harsh industrial environments smoothly.

Where can we use it

  • Production: Elevating and adjusting hefty machinery, components, and apparatus during the manufacturing process.
  • Building: Transporting construction supplies and machinery across work areas.
  • Storage Logistics: Maneuvering and organizing substantial items and pallet loads.
  • Vehicle Manufacturing: Hoisting sizeable car parts such as engines and gearboxes.
  • Event Production: Setting up heavy rigging for concert stages and various gatherings.
  • Resource Extraction: Hoisting heavy gear and supplies in excavation activities.
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