A bridge crane, alternatively recognized as an overhead crane, features a principal beam, also known as the bridge, that horizontally extends across the workspace. This configuration facilitates the elevation and transportation of heavy objects across extensive industrial spaces. Bridge cranes are a cornerstone of operational efficiency and safety in the handling of materials within diverse settings, including manufacturing plants, storage facilities, and maritime construction sites.

Overhead Bridge Crane Manufacturers

Overhead Bridge Crane is one kind of heavy duty hoisting machinery. 1. Reasonable structure and strong rigidity. 2. Ground control and driver’s cabin control operation. When heavy loads and large spans are required, double girder bridge cranes can meet the lifting requirement. They are composed of main girders, end beam, hoist trolley, complete electrical system […]

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The different types of bridge cranes

Single Beam Bridge Crane: This crane design incorporates one main girder and is most effective for handling lighter weights across shorter distances. Its hoist mechanism typically hangs directly beneath the beam. Dual Beam Bridge Crane: With a dual-girder system, this crane variant provides enhanced capacity for lifting heavier loads and can span more considerable distances. Its hoist trolley operates on tracks positioned atop the girders. Overhead Running Bridge Crane: This type of crane operates on rails that are installed above the runway beams, making it a robust choice for substantial loads and frequent use. Under-hung Bridge Crane: Operating under the runway beams, this crane type is attached to the roof framework when necessary and is particularly efficient in saving workspace, suited to operations within more confined spaces. Of course, our service has already started when you contact us. Our staff will introduce you to our company's specific prices and discounts. In addition, the discount is to show our sincerity in cooperating with you. There is our e-mail number: [email protected]