A manual crane leverages human force to perform its functions, eschewing the need for motorization or electrification. It's crafted to elevate and shift loads by employing mechanical leverage. Ideal for scenarios devoid of electrical power or where using power is either unfeasible or superfluous, these cranes epitomize simplicity and practicality.

As a China-based provider, we specialize in high-quality OEM manual cranes apt for such diverse operating conditions.

The advantages of manual crane

Mobility: Due to their light construction, these manual cranes are highly transportable, offering versatility across multiple venues. Economical: They present a more modest upfront investment and reduced running expenses relative to their powered counterparts. Ease of Use: With a straightforward design, these cranes are less complex to manage and sustain, having fewer mechanical components likely to malfunction. Autonomy: Their operational capacity is not contingent on the presence of electric or power sources, facilitating use in any locale. Manipulation Precision: The hands-on approach provided by manual handling gives the operator meticulous command over the placement of loads.

We can use it in these applications

Workshops and Motor Vehicle Repair Shops: Utilized for hoisting hefty parts such as engines and sizable machinery. Building Sites: Employed for jobs where powered lifting mechanisms are not imperative. Storage Facilities: Handy for maneuvering stock and materials in segments devoid of mechanized apparatuses. Servicing and Refurbishing Tasks: Apt for raising and setting components in place amidst maintenance endeavors. Isolated Areas: In settings bereft of electric power availability, including pastoral regions or yet-to-be-developed locales. As one of the senior suppliers of crane equipment in China, we are committed to developing high-quality manual crane to cater the need of our customers. In addition, we have specific discount to our old or new customers. The aim of discount is to show our sincerity to work together. In addition, we provide the services of comprehensive pre-sales support and excellent after-sales service. We are looking forward to your contact, this our e-mail: [email protected]. And if possible, we look forward to becoming friends with you.