Different Crane Born for Different Application

May 24, 2024

In recent years, with the development of science and technology, the types of cranes have gradually become more diverse. As a high-quality crane supplier, we are likely to introduce some common cranes to you.

The overhead gantry cranes

Gantry crane, frequently referred to as overhead gantry crane, is crucial lifting tools employed across various sectors for materials handling. Their structure resembles a bridge structure, it is main comprising of a hoist and trolley that mobilizes along a horizontal beam. Such cranes are often found in manufacturing units, shipyards, storage facilities, and building sites.

The advantages of overhead gantry crane

Adaptability: It is suitable to a broad assortment of tasks in indoors and outdoors.

Efficacy: Enables speedy and secure transportation of weighty materials.

Space Optimization: Unlike stationary cranes, they don’t occupy permanent floor space, and certain models offer the advantage of mobility as per requirement.

Pocket-Friendly: Compare with the permanent crane systems, it tends to be more economical. Particularly when we use it in short-term or fluctuating work surroundings, the advantage will be clearer.

Safety Advantages: By automating heavy lifting jobs, it minimizes the hazard of injuries that manual labor may be unable to manage safely.

Varieties of Overhead Gantry Cranes

Full Gantry Crane: Characterized by two legs that operate on rails mounted on the floor, serving a substantial area.

Semi-Gantry Crane: One leg runs on a rail affixed to the floor while the other end operates on a raised rail or building structure.

Portable Gantry Crane: Typically, more compact and adaptive, commonly equipped with wheels for effortless mobility.

Adjustable Gantry Crane: Accommodates variations in the bridge’s height to cater to an array of lifting requirements.

container gantry crane

The container gantry crane

Well-known as container cranes, container gantry crane plays a cardinal role in handling intermodal containers at ports and container terminals. These specific cranes are expertly designed to fulfill the job of loading and unloading container ships with high efficiency and safety. They stand as a key element in the global shipping industry, enabling global goods transportation.

The advantages of container gantry cranes

Productivity: Facilitates swift ship loading and unloading, minimizing idle time.

Capability: Manages substantial numbers of containers, aiding high throughput in bustling ports.

Accurate: Sophisticated controls and automation allow meticulous container positioning.

Versatility: Accommodates various container sizes and variations, including temperature-controlled containers.

Security: By reducing manual handling, it lessens the probability of mishaps and injuries.

Varieties of Container Gantry Cranes

Ship-to-Shore (STS) Cranes: It is designed for loading and unloading containers from vessels. Usually, these cranes are large, stationary, and they can extend their booms over the ship to complete the task.

Rubber-Tired Gantry (RTG) Cranes: This kind of crane can shift containers within the container yard and they can move accord our demands. Their mobility comes from being mounted on rubber types, enabling them to freely traverse the terminal.

Rail-Mounted Gantry (RMG) Cranes: These are stationary cranes. And they can operate along the rails in the container yard. Their primary function is to stack and organize containers strategically.

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