How to choose an electric hoist manufacturers?

Jun 11, 2024

Electric hoist, also known as electric hoist, is a special lifting equipment with the characteristics of small size, light weight, simple operation and convenient use. The quality of electric hoist is related to production efficiency and workshop safety. It is crucial to choose reliable electric hoist manufacturers.

Working principle of electric hoist for sale

The working principle of electric hoist is to use the motor to drive the hoist winch to rotate and lift or lower the load through the noose. During use, the motor drives the winch to rotate, and the noose passes through the winch winding. The noose control system can control the length and direction of the noose to lift or lower the load. The electric hoist also has the function of automatically monitoring the load condition to ensure the safety of operation.

The components of the electric hoist include motor, reducer, brake, drum, wire rope, controller, etc. Among them, the reducer provides sufficient torque and power to enable the hoist to lift and lower the goods smoothly.

The brake is a safety protection device of the electric hoist. It can quickly brake the drum when the motor stops working to prevent the accidental drop of the goods. The drum connects the goods through the wire rope to achieve the lifting and lowering of the goods. The controller is the operating device of the electric hoist, which can control the start and stop, forward and reverse rotation of the motor and other actions.

The main parameters of the electric hoist include the rated load weight and the lifting height, which are selected according to the workplace and specific circumstances. In addition, to ensure the safe use of the electric hoist, the operator must be trained and certified to work, and strictly abide by the operating procedures. At the same time, it is also very important to clean, lubricate and inspect the electric hoist regularly to ensure its normal operation and extend its service life.

Safety hazards of electric hoists:

If there are quality problems with the electric hoist, it may bring a series of safety hazards, such as equipment failure and wear, power overload risk, safety device failure, loose and damaged components, aging and breakage of wire ropes, electrical circuit failures, motor failures and damage, and illegal overweight use.

These problems may cause the equipment to fail to work properly or even cause serious accidents. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the quality of the electric hoist and strengthen equipment inspection and maintenance. More importantly, when purchasing electric hoists, it is necessary to choose suppliers with guaranteed quality and timely service.

How to choose an electric hoist supplier

Factors to pay attention to when investigating electric hoist manufacturers:

1.Manufacturer’s strength and scale.
This directly reflects the manufacturer’s production capacity and technical level. Larger manufacturers usually have more advanced equipment, more complete technical research and development capabilities and more stringent quality control systems, so that they can produce electric hoist products with more stable quality and better performance.

2.Production technology.
Whether the manufacturer has advanced production technology, whether it can meet the national installation process standards, and whether it has relevant product qualification certificates and certifications are important indicators to measure its technical strength.

Whether the manufacturer is equipped with various welding, data cutting and heat treatment experimental equipment, and whether it has a professional scientific research center, also reflects its ability in technological innovation and research and development.

3.Product quality and performance.
The quality and performance of the product are the lifeline of the manufacturer. Whether the manufacturer strictly controls the quality of raw materials, whether it conducts strict product quality testing, and whether the product has been verified by actual use are all important aspects to measure its product quality and performance.

4.After-sales service: Good after-sales service is a reflection of the manufacturer’s responsibility to consumers. Investigate whether the manufacturer provides complete after-sales service, including product installation and commissioning, maintenance, technical training, and troubleshooting, to ensure timely and effective technical support and service guarantees during use.

5.Market reputation and credibility: Understand the reputation and credibility of the manufacturer in the market by checking customer reviews, industry recognition, and whether there is a bad record. A manufacturer with a good reputation and credibility is usually more trustworthy and cooperative.

In summary, the investigation of electric hoist manufacturers requires comprehensive consideration from multiple aspects to ensure that a manufacturer with strength, advanced technology, reliable product quality, perfect after-sales service and good market reputation is selected.