MG 10T Double Girder Gantry Crane Delivered to Argentina

Mar 20, 2024

MG double girder gantry crane
Country: Argentina
Capacity: 10ton
Span length: 10m
Lifting height: 6m
Lifting mechanism: Euro-type hoist trolley
Control mode: Pendant control
Power source: 380V/50Hz/3PH
Work duty: ISO A5
QTY: 1set

For this project, the crane will be used indoors. In the beginning, we design a single girder overhead crane, which lifting height doesn’t meet the client’s requirements. To increase the lifting height and control the cost, we suggest a double girder gantry crane with an integrated hoist trolley. The lifting height meets the requirement, but the client mentioned that he needs dual speed for the crane. Finally, we designed a euro-type double girder gantry crane with a euro-type hoist trolley, the crane and trolley travel speed is dual speed by frequency converter and the lifting speed is dual. The client is satisfied with our design and placed the order with us.

Below are the package pictures of the double girder gantry crane:

We have had many pleasant cooperation experiences with our customers in Argentina. Thank you very much for your trust. DGCRANE will continue to provide excellent service to our customers in Argentina.
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