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Container Gantry Crane Specifications

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Container Gantry Crane Specifications:
Container crane belongs to port gantry cranes, include rail mounted container gantry cranerubber tyred container crane, straddle crane, ship to shore gantry crane, etc.
Container Gantry Crane hoisting speed is lower while crane long traveling speed is higher.
According to the needs of container yard, rail-mounted container gantry crane lifting height usually determined by 20’ and 40’ containers stacking three over four or stacking four over five, since the lifting height is not high, so the lifting speed correspondingly low. Generally, container yard with longer length in the direction of traveling track, in order to achieve a certain degree of productivity, crane long traveling always be with high speed.
Container Gantry Crane trolley running speed can be determined according to its bridge span and the cantilever distance outer ends of the bridge. When span and the cantilever length are relatively small, the trolley traveling speed and productivity could require small. When span and the cantilever length are larger, the trolley running speed can be increased accordingly to meet productivity requirements.
When Container Gantry Crane span of more than 40m, crane traveling with high speed, due to the different running resistance of the two sides’ legs, offsets will occur; for this, synchronous rectifying device is installed, through electrical control system to keep mechanism on both sides running synchronously.

About Container Gantry Crane Specifications

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