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Crane hook is a device for grabbing and lifting loads by means of a device such as a hoist or crane. Hook is usually equipped with a safety latch to prevent the disengagement of the lifting wire rope sling, chain or rope to which the load is attached.


  1. According to form: single hook, double hook, laminated single hook (board hook), laminated double hook (board hook), eye hook, claw hook
  2. According to the purpose of use: hoist hook, double beam hook, car hook, pulley, non-standard hook
  3. Single hook: single hook is divided into ton hook and number hook
  4. Hoist hook: ordinary hook and European hook
  5. Double beam hook: ordinary hook and European hook


Crane hooks are the very key part in any lifting machines which almost bear all the weight of loads. Any problem of it will give rise to fatal accidents. Generally speaking, the standard crane hooks assembly has a standard processing technology.

In DGCRANE, crane hooks production is strictly according to the technology requirements, quality material, proper forging, machining and heat treatment. This is what we do, nothing special. To say something different, the stable quality. That is why, our crane hook is not only applied in our cranes, and applied in many other famous crane manufacturers in China.

In export, due to the different design standards, the custom designed crane hook is the most common things. Of course, our engineers is always ready for you, when you have difficulties in designing a hook. It is our pleasure, please feel free to advise us, it is definitely free, of course.

Crane Hook

Besides, here comes a brief introduction of our crane hook production capability.

  • Capability – strong production capability, available 0.5 to 500 tons
  • Material – carbon steel and alloy steel and custom required material
  • Heat treatment – quenched and tempered
  • Standards – DIN standard crane hook is available

To a standart crane hook, the following parameters is required:

  • Capacity (tonnage)
  • Material (carbon, alloy)
  • Shank diameter
  • Shank length
  • Throat opening
  • latch kit required

Crane Hook Prpcessing Technology

Crane Hook

Production Process

Crane Hook

Tips:The hook head is composed of a hook handle and a hook body. The upper part of the hook handle is generally processed with threads for installing nuts. Because the contour lines of the hook are curved, the forging process is relatively complicated. Generally, it cannot be forged at one time, and it takes many times to complete.

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