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Double Girder Crane Specification Design – Use Environment

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Double Girder Crane Specification, Double Girder Crane DesignDouble Girder Crane Specification Design is applicable to all kinds of working condition places for materials handling, equipment installation and maintenance. It is extensive general use hoisting equipment. Double Girder Crane can be customized for various conditions with explosion-proof, insulation and other special functions working places.
1. Double Girder Crane power supply is 220v – 660v, 3-phrase, 50/60Hz. Allowed voltage fluctuation in motor and electrical equipment upper limit is +10% of rated voltage, lower limit is -15% of rated voltage.
2. The altitude of Double Girder Crane operating place should be less than 2000m (if above 1000m, need check the motor capacity).
3. Double Girder Crane operational environment should not have flammable, explosive and corrosive gas.
4. Radiant temperature that lifting objects radiating Double Girder EOT Crane hook must be less than 300℃.
5. Outdoor use Double Girder Crane max. wind pressure under off working condition is 800Pa (equal to 11 degree wind, 28.5-32.6m/s)
6. Double Girder Crane normal use weather conditions
1) Double Girder Crane indoor use
Ambient temperature ≤+40℃, average temperature ≤+35℃ during 24 hours.
Ambient temperature ≥-5℃.
Under the condition of temperature +40℃, relative humidity can not be above 50%.
2) Double Girder Crane outdoor use
Ambient temperature ≤+40℃, average temperature ≤+35℃ during 24 hours.
Ambient temperature ≥-25℃
When ambient temperature ≤+25℃, relative humidity allow to be 100% temporarily.  
Working wind pressure can not be above: inland 150Pa (equal to 6 degree wind, 10.8-13.8m/s), inshore 250Pa (equal to 7 degree wind, 13.9-17.1m/s).

About Double Girder Crane Specification Design – Use Environment

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