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Industrial Crane Design Types

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Generally include following Industrial Crane Types classification:

1. Industrial Crane Types – Industrial hoist

Industrial hoist is small light lifting equipment with light weight, compact structure, simple operation, the operating ranges priority to point and line. Light small lifting equipment usually only has one lifting mechanism, which allows for single lifting movement. Lifting equipment included in this category such as: jack, tackle, chain, electric hoist and winches, etc. Electric hoist usually equipped with traveling hoist trolley and metal frame in order to expand its scope of operation.

2. Industrial Crane Types – Overhead Crane

Industrial Overhead/Bridge Crane make loads hanging on hooks or other extract devices to achieve vertical lifting or horizontal transport in space. Overhead/Bridge Crane consists of: lifting mechanism, long traveling and cross traveling mechanisms. Relied on the action of these mechanisms, the crane can lift and handle loads in certain cubic space. Overhead cranes, metallurgical bridge cranes, etc. are all included.

3. Industrial Crane Types – Lift equipment

Characteristic of lift equipment is that the weight or extract device only lifting along the rail. Although there is only one lifting mechanism, there are many other attached devices of the lift equipment, so it constitutes a separate category, which including: elevator, cargo lift, ship lift and so on.

In addition, there are varieties of Industrial Crane Types classification. For example, Industrial Crane Types classified according to extract device and use purpose: hook crane, grab crane, electromagnetic crane, metallurgical crane, etc; Industrial Overhead Crane Types classified by transport modes: fixed crane, traveling crane, self-propelled crane, towing crane, climbing crane, portable crane, etc; Industrial Crane Types classified by driving types: supporting crane, suspension crane; Industrial EOT Crane Types classified by operation plant: workshop crane, machine house crane, warehouse crane, storage yard crane, construction crane, engineering crane, etc.

About Industrial Crane Design Types

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