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Industrial Cranes Manufacturer – YGCRANE

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Industrial Cranes Manufacturer – YuGong Crane manufacturer is the largest core manufacturing plant of Dafang Group. YGCRANE become one of general hoisting machinery manufacturing industry leader with the largest production and sales volume. We can provide double beam overhead cranes, gantry cranes, and such varieties of lifting equipment 10 serious more than 200 types. Overhead crane annual production reached more than 50,000 sets, gantry crane more than 3,000 sets.

The lifting capacity of the industrial overhead crane can achieve 1000t, and the gantry crane 900t, to meet all kinds of project need.
Industrial Cranes Manufacturer – YuGong Crane has Technology Testing and Inspection Center authorized by the state. Obtains 283 technology patent certificates and inventions, R & D team of YGCRANE with 600 people, which is the biggest one in general purpose crane industry in China.

Our company with over 3000 employees, covers an area of 3.42 million square meters, one of our workshop is the largest within the whole world crane industry. A varieties of 1700 sets manufacturing and testing equipment, including machining, heat treatment, welding, assembly, testing and packaging shipped metering and other ancillary equipment with a full range of advanced production scale and production capacity.

Industrial Cranes Manufacturer - YGCRANE

About Industrial Cranes Manufacturer – YGCRANE

Crane manufacturers Weihua Group mainly supply overhead cranes, gantry cranes, eot cranes, bridge cranes, electric hoists, crane parts and related industrial cranes in China.

YGCRANE, with 30 years’ experience of crane manufacturing, transportation and installation; specialize in large heavy duty crane, goliath crane, material handling system, etc. and international engineering crane project contracting (EPC)..

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