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portal cranes manufacturers, portal crane for sale, design, groupPortal crane is one kind of gantry cranes; it is modification of overhead crane, mainly used for outdoor yard, bulk cargo loading and unloading operations. It’s like a door-frame metal structure, installation of main beam carrying two supporting legs, which can walk directly on the track fixed on ground, both sides of the main beam may have overhanging cantilever.
As portal crane manufacturer, we recommend you portal cranes with high space utilization, large operating range, and wide adaptation, which widely used in port yards!

About Portal Cranes Manufacturers

Crane manufacturers Weihua Group mainly supply overhead cranesgantry craneseot cranesbridge craneselectric hoistscrane parts and related industrial cranes in China.

YGCRANE,  with 30 years’ experience of crane manufacturing, transportation and installation; specialize in large heavy duty crane, goliath crane, material handling system, etc. and international engineering crane project contracting (EPC)..

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