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Semi Gantry Crane Definition Design

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Semi Gantry Crane is A-type double girder gantry crane or single girder gantry crane which only have one unilateral leg, one side of it is the leg traveling on the ground track, the other side is the end of the bridge girder institution traveling on the bracket track, it saves cost and space of operation plant and open area.
Semi Gantry Crane Bridge frame is mainly composedSemi Gantry Crane form three-dimensional work space by hook moving up and down, trolley traveling left and right and crane traveling back and forth, to achieve moving, overturning and other operations for lifting goods.

Semi Gantry Crane mechanical structure is mainly composed of: bridge frame, crane traveling mechanism, trolley part and electrical part.
Semi Gantry Crane Definition DesignSemi Gantry Crane Bridge frame is mainly composed of: main beam, upper cross beam, lower cross beam, unilateral leg, ladder platform and other components.
Semi Gantry Crane Between the main beam and the transverse end beam using of high strength bolts, simple structure, easy to install, transport and storage. Between the main beam and the two legs which symmetrically arranged on either side of the main beam fastened two flanges by bolts, and make the width between two legs with narrow upper while wide lower, it forms “A”-shaped structure, improving the crane stability.
Semi Gantry Crane Legs and lower cross beam use bolt connection.

Semi Gantry Crane traveling mechanism traveling by motor driving the wheel set through reducer.
Trolley traveling and lifting mechanism structure are same with A-type gantry crane.
Electrical protection system including short-circuit protection, no-voltage protection, emergency power off switch protection, overload limiter protection, travel limit protection, phase failure, phase error, overvoltage, undervoltage protection, grounding protection.

About Semi Gantry Crane Definition Design

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