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single girder crane price, manufacturers, specifications, design drawing, dimensionsSingle girder crane general configuration: ground remote control or driver’s cabin operation, single or double speed wire rope hoist, crane long traveling and trolley traveling using single speed squirrel cage motor. Driver’s cabin room include separate type and closed type. Working level: A4; working environment temperature -20C-+45C.
Single girder crane supporting the use with CD I, MD electric hoist, become a light rail running small crane. The application of lifting capacity is 1-16ton, suitable span 7.5-22.5m, working environment temperature -25-+40. Single girder crane is general use crane, mainly used in machinery manufacturing, assembly and warehouse for low frequency use, rated lifting weight or less lifting times places. Short order cycle, economical and affordable. Single girder crane metal structure part:
Main girder adopt steel rolling forming mouth groove welded with the I-steel to box shaped web girder; craoss beam is aslo use the steel rolling into U-shaped groove welded box cross beam.
Used for lifting hot, molten metal, or toxic substances; should not be used in explosion-proof and insulation working environment.
Other configurations available for user selection:
1. Single and double speed chain hoist, or other types of wire rope hoist;
2. Equipped with wireless control, achieve long distance remote control;
3. Crane and trolley traveling using frequency converter, can realize step or stepless speed regulation;
4. Open operation environment should be stated, in order to take measures on waterproof and windproof;
5. Other feasible configurations proposed by user.

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