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Single Girder EOT Crane Manufacturing Process

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monorail crane design, specification, systems, definitionSingle Girder EOT Crane is workshop lifting equipment supporting the use of electric wire rope hoist, main role is timely and safely complete the object displacement by intermittent and cycle work, with hook or other means of lift devices, it is an important tool and equipment to achieve mechanization and automation, reduce the heavy physical labor, improve labor productivity during modern industrial production process. We are has nearly 30 years history of electric single girder crane on design and production and has accumulated wealth of experience, can design non-standard electric single girder crane to adapt to various conditions.

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Electrical Single Beam Crane Instructions

Single Girder EOT Crane with solid structure, good steel, safe and reliable operation, no pollution, durable and affordable, etc., widely used in machinery manufacturing, assembly repair, production workshops, warehouses, garages and other places.

Single Girder EOT Crane applies to working level A3-A5, work under environmental conditions of non-flammable, non-explosive and non-corrosive media. Crane power supply is three-phase AC, rated frequency of 50Hz or 60Hz, rated voltage of 220V-660V.

Single Girder EOT Crane main components including: bridge frame, electric hoist, and electric control system. Operation mode can be selected for ground operations, remote operation, and driver’s cabin operate according to the specific circumstances. Single Girder EOT Crane main traveling mechanism adopt soft start motor, smooth and quiet operation, its traveling speed can be designed dual-speed and frequency control or other types of speed.


About Single Girder EOT Crane Manufacturing Process

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