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Each Crane factory is equipped with an advanced automatic protection system to avoid any possible work accidents.No matter how complex the device is, if it is difficult to operate, it will still not be recognized by users. Crane in industry controls of the device have been simplified so that the operator can easily understand and use it.Our cranes are constructed with materials resistant to wear and degradation, ensuring longevity and resilience with prolonged use. We’ve innovated new anti-corrosion and anti-oxidation treatments to enhance the lifespan of our equipment further. Comprehensive after-sales services are part of our commitment, encompassing installation, set-up, and maintenance. Our dedicated technical team is on standby to provide the support needed to performing flawlessly.

Our application scenarios:

This all-round mobile crane is ideally suited for construction, port loading and unloading, factory handling and large equipment installation, especially those working environments that require high mobility and flexibility.

Our after-sales service:

We provide extensive after-sales service support, to ensure that your equipment is always in optimal working condition.

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