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Overhead Cranes also have some special operating functions. Industrial cranes for sale flexibility and safety in a variety of industrial applications.Overhead Cranes can adjust the lifting height and speed according to the weight of the items being moved and the operating requirements. China overhead Crane provides finer control over shifting speeds when handling fragile items and high-priced items.

Industrial cranes for sale is equipped with an automatic positioning system, which can automatically transport goods to a predetermined location, reducing the operator’s workload and improving work efficiency. China overhead Crane When lifting or transporting heavy items, the cargo may swing, which increases safety risks. Operators can operate Overhead Cranes from a safe location via wireless remote control or operating room remote control, reducing direct operator exposure to potentially hazardous environments. In the event of an emergency, the operator can immediately activate the emergency stop function to stop all crane operations. The safety lock function ensures safety during maintenance or inspection.

Maintenance work for industrial cranes for sale mainly includes the following:

1.Initial equipment inspection:Check cranes, trolleys, bridges, runways, and electrical systems to ensure there are no loose, damaged, or cracked parts.

2.Ensure alignment:Check to ensure that the device is aligned. Use for a period of time may cause the Overhead Cranes to deviate from alignment.

3.Increase lubrication:Regularly lubricating some components can reduce wear and extend the life of your equipment.

4.Switch inspection:Make sure all limit switches are functioning properly, especially the upper limit switch.

5.Training operators:Training operators in maintenance and safety aspects is also part of Overhead Cranes’ maintenance efforts.

6.Develop a maintenance plan:Develop and adhere to a maintenance plan, including regular inspections, preventive maintenance, etc.

7.Inspection Logbook:All service inspections and repair operations should be recorded in a crane logbook or file.

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