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Gantry Cranes are a type of heavy lifting equipment. Often seen outdoors in warehouses, container yards or in industrial settings used to build large structures. Its main feature is that it has two legs that can move along ground tracks or tires.The key components of this type of crane include the main beam, which is usually supported on two taller legs that can move on rails or be equipped with wheels. Under the main beam, hooks, magnets, or other clamps are used to lift objects. The crane can be electrically working, allowing the operator to control the crane via remote control or from the cab to lift and move heavy loads.

Gantry crane factory can be used in a wide range of scenarios. Industrial cranes manufacturer can handle cargo or large machines from a few tons to hundreds of tons. Gantry Cranes can easily adapt to various working environments, including indoors, outdoors, and places with complex terrain, such as ports, factories, etc.Industrial cranes manufacturer is many types, including semi-gantry crane (semi-Gantry), full gantry crane (Full Gantry), tire-type gantry crane (Mobile Gantry) and portable gantry crane (Portable Gantry), etc. Each type of gantry crane has its specific application scenarios.

What are the safety devices for Gantry crane factory?

1.Automatic Overload Prevention:The crane is designed to monitor its load constantly. If the weight exceeds the crane’s capacity, an automated system activates to halt operations, preventing the risk of overload and potential danger.
2Emergency Stop Button:Positioned on the control panel is an emergency stop button. In critical situations, the operator can swiftly hit this button to immediately halt all crane functions, thereby averting possible accidents.
3.Anti-tipping Mechanism:Gantry crane is equipped with anti-tipping device, its effect is to the stability of the crane during operation.
4.Anti-collision Function:Scenarios where multiple cranes are working, the device can automatically measure and maintain a safe distance between cranes.
5.Wind Speed Alert:Particularly for outdoor crane applications, there’s a wind speed alert device that monitors the wind velocity in real-time.

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