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Cranes are one of the most construction site tools. Whether in a construction project in progress or in a completed building, cranes play an integral role. The transportation of waste materials, the loading of new materials, the removal of debris, etc. are all inseparable from Crane manufacturer’s help. This is why cranes are in such high demand. Industrial crane manufacturers are also striving to provide the best lifting equipment to the construction industry and other industries that require large machinery.

We have more than 400 personnel research and design team, which is the largest R&D design team of general use crane industry. Crane manufacturers YGCRANE has more than 3000 employees currently, covers an area of 3.42 million square meters.Crane manufacturer existing tooling equipment with a variety of tonnage crane processing capacity, to achieve the overall processing of crane trolley frame and bridge frame. We also have CNC machining center for processing of various shaped pieces, tooling and homemade mold, drilling and milling equipment for processing wheel angle box, 1250T, 200T and 100T press machine, all kinds of milling, grinding and drilling processing equipment, etc.

Industrial crane manufacturers offers products with the following features:

1.Powerful handling capacity: Our cranes can easily handle construction materials and equipment weighing several tons, thus greatly improving the work efficiency of the construction site.

2.Stability:Cranes need to be durable and stable. Even in extreme weather conditions, our equipment operates smoothly, safely and reliably.

3.Simple operation:The cranes we produce are equipped with simple control systems, focusing on intuitive operation and ease of use.

4.Customizability:We can customize the crane according to the specific needs of customers, whether it is a large construction site or a small project.

5.Post-sales Service:We provide complete after-sales services to ensure that customers receive the best support using our products.

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