The secret of bridge crane lifting heavy objects

May 27, 2024

As we all know that the bridge crane can do many things for us. But, most of us do not know how the bridge crane can do that. Today, I will reveal the secret weapon of cranes for you.

The first weapon is electric hoists

The electric hoist serves as the quintessential lifting apparatus within a bridge crane’s framework, tasked with the pivotal role of hauling materials vertically. Typically mounted upon the crane’s bridge or affixed to its trolley, the electric hoist harnesses a motor’s power to command a wire rope or chain, adeptly hoisting or lowering heavy items with unwavering precision.

Operationally, electric hoists are categorized based on their lifting mediums into two distinct types: electric wire rope hoists and electric chain hoists. The electric wire rope hoist predominantly employs a sturdy rope made from twisted metal strands, offering significant lifting capacity and control for a variety of industrial applications. Its companion, the electric chain hoist, utilizes a chain link system, renowned for its durability and adaptability, particularly in lifting irregularly shaped objects or in environments where space is at a premium.

Integral to the efficiency and productivity of myriad industrial operations, these electric hoists symbolize advancements in mechanized handling, simplifying tasks that human labor alone cannot accomplish and revolutionizing the landscape of modern material management.

electric wire rope hoist

The second weapon is electric hoist trolley

The electric hoist trolley serves as a dynamic component perched on the bridge of a crane system, equipped with an electric hoist, and is charged with the task of moving materials side-to-side across the workspace. Gliding along the bridge’s rails, the trolley facilitates the horizontal transit of weighty loads within the designated area. Typically, electric trolleys are comprised of the following elements:

  • Drive system: This system includes a motor teamed with a gearbox, propelling the trolley to traverse the track without effort.
  • Wheels and tracks: The trolley’s movement is supported by wheels that roll on the installed tracks, guaranteeing steady and fluid travel.
  • Operational Controls: This is the unit entrusted with the governance of the trolley’s motions and halts. It is often integrated with the electric hoist’s control system to streamline the handling process.

The third weapon is electric wire rope hoist

The electric wire rope hoist, a prevalent variant of electric hoists, employs wire rope as its primary lifting medium. This type of hoist is an excellent choice for hoisting voluminous and hefty materials, characterized by its swift lifting velocities and substantial lifting capacities. Components typically found in electric wire rope hoists include:

  • Electric Motor: This component powers the wire rope drum, furnishing the necessary lift force.
  • Wire Rope Drum: It coils the wire rope, which, through its rotation, lifts and lowers hefty loads.
  • Hook: Fastened to the wire rope’s end, it is instrumental in carrying bulky loads.
  • Braking System: It guarantees a timely halt in case of power failure or error, averting the peril of the loads plummeting.
  • Limit Switch: This device precludes excessive coiling or slackening of the wire rope, ensuring the operation remains within safety bounds.

These weapons’ role in Bridge Cranes

  • Vertical Transport: Electric wire rope hoists are activated by electric motors, facilitating the vertical elevation and descent of massive objects.
  • Horizontal Movement: Operating in tandem with the crane’s structure, the electric trolley shifts heavy items laterally along the bridge crane’s track.
  • Precise Positioning: Accurate maneuvering of the electric hoist and trolley enables the exact placement of heavy objects to satisfy production and assembly demands.
  • Elevated Efficiency: Electric mechanisms surpass manual operations in terms of speed, swiftly managing the lifting and transporting of large items, thus enhancing the overall productivity.
  • Operational Safety: The comprehensive suite of safety components, including limit switches, overload protectors, and emergency brakes on both electric hoists and trolleys, assure a secure working environment.

That the reasons why the bridge crane can do many things for us. Our company has supplied these components over eight years and our high-quality components are widely loved by overseas customers because their high quality and friendly price.