YGCRANE Gear Reducer Leading International Level

Mar 15, 2024

Recently, Crane Manufacturers YGCRANE successfully design and produce point line meshing cylindrical gear reducer DZLY180-18. According to testing, this hardened cylinder gear reducer use of point line meshing gear technology, compared with the same specification reducer, it is with low-noise, high load capacity, small size, long service life, which reaches the international advanced level.
Point line meshing technology used in hardened cylinder gear reducer, Crane Manufacturers YGCRANE is the first in China, and also the only one. Carrying capacity increase 31% compared to ordinary hardened cylinder gear reducer, reaching 55 kilowatts power per 1000 rpm. Compared to soft gear surface reducer with 45# steel modulation processing, it is with small size, light weight and strong bearing capacity. Test showed that no-load noise (including ambient noise) is 76dB (decibels), reduce 5 ~ 10dB (A) (dB) compared with the same common involute gear reducer, with characteristics of noise reduction with the load increases, and smooth operation. In the same carrying capacity situation, you can use a smaller reducer, which with the same functions while low cost, comprehensive performance leading international advanced level.
This kind of reducer meets the crane industry demand for sophisticated crane reducer; Crane Manufacturers YGCRANE also produces variety models of gear reducer, suitable for the needs of lifting industry and general industry. At the same time, we also undertake design and production of all types of non-standard gear reducer.