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2020-03-01 09:45

Dredge Crane and floating dock crane are all used on the engineering vessel. Dredge crane use the rotary dredge boom and cable to hang mud bucket; under the weight of grab force, to crawl mud in the sea floor. And then start winch, bucket rope through the pulley on the boom top, make the grab close, raise, and then turn Dredge Crane to a predetermined point (or a Hopper Barge) to remove the mud. Then dredge crane back to the mining sites, dredging, and so on carry on the cycle operation. Dredge Crane is mainly used for digging clay, silt, hatching stone, easy to fetch sand, silt, etc.

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Dredge Crane generally equipped on the engineering board, mainly for lifting, dredging, or the forms of the two dual-purpose; when mainly for lifting, crane boom is relatively long (in 36 ~ 60M), although its lifting force is relatively large, but when at 40 ° ~ 45 ° angle (then called straight roll hanging force), hoisting force is not great, so it's not necessarily with big dredging capacity. Contrary to mainly in dredging, boom length of about 30M and do not need long, then the crane lifting force is relatively large, so the ability of dredging is large.
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About Dredge Crane Manufacturers

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