Electric Hoist Gantry Crane

Electric hoist gantry crane mostly means lightweight gantry crane, this type of gantry crane can be single girder or double girder, take electric hoist as lifting mechanism. Electric hoist gantry crane is applicable choice for your plant operation, it is more economical than trolley gantry crane, and widely used in factory, workshop, and workstation, outdoor and indoor service for material handling. Electric single girder gantry crane same as a frame gantry hoist for smaller material, we also design and supply L shape electric hoist gantry crane and double girder electric hoist gantry crane, which can load more while more economical than double girder trolley gantry crane.

Electric Hoist Gantry Crane Design

Electric Hoist Gantry Cranemainly consists of gantry frame structure, crane traveling mechanism, electric hoists lifting mechanism and electr